Last Wednesday evening I developed a sore throat and felt very thirsty. This can sometimes be normal for me; I have MS and things like fatigue and thirst are not uncommon symptoms for me to have. I haven’t lost my sense of taste or smell, I haven’t got a high temperature, or a bad cough. At one point I did have a slight runny nose but nothing more.
My partner Frank has had more of a problem. His runny nose started first, then he got a sore throat and then he got a cough. Although he never got a high temperature or had a problem with his smell or taste, when his asthma started, he thought he had better ring in sick for his Friday night shift and ask for a Covid test. 
Unfortunately, when you do this you have to assume it might be, even if unlikely to be, positive and go into isolation till the swab result is clear. On Saturday his work manager came round and we took the test, luckily for us he works at a care home and they had test kits available. It was decided to test us both. 
So, at this moment in time (Sunday) we don’t have the results yet. It’s a waiting game for us. We had to cancel my carer on Saturday, miss out on Church and my friends on Sunday, and cancel Frank’s respite on Monday. I feel better but the sore throat and thirst is still there a little. Frank’s asthma and sore throat has gone but he still has a stuffy nose and occasionally a cough. We don’t now think it likely we had it, and we seem to be getting over the flu (which it probably was) but until we get the results we remain in isolation at home.
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