Dear Blog,

I think now the Daybreak programme has tried its level best but clearly it has not got anywhere near enough of the support of TV viewers and should be axed, even the now deceased GMTV programme seemed to be much more thought of and respected of than Daybreak. I will say I was disappointed when Helen Fospero left 5 News UK to join Daybreak after the lunchtime news on CH5 was axed and replaced with a much shorter, bulletin style, showing instead. 5 News has never been the same since she and Kate Gerbau left. 5 News should also bring back your news and the CH5 film review which was always brilliant.
What should, or could, replace Daybreak. Well I’d go back to an 1980s feel of programmes, such as these as below for instance. I’d welcome views on this from anyone else who reads my blog.
A) Bring back Catchphrase with original host Roy Walker, he has said in the press and media he’d like to return. Pick up the telephone he says?
B) A format similar to Beadles About, playing practical style jokes, maybe in the workplace? Viewers can write in with their suggestions and make the UK laugh again so we can more easily forget the miserable ongoing recession.
C) A ten minute cookery programme showing you how to cook certain foods.
D) A 45 minute news programme and phone-in, where viewers can express their views on news topics of the day. Helen Fospero would be an ideal host for this and could be called Dayviews.
E) Bring back familiar favourite Supermarket Sweep, hopefully with Dale Winton if he has the time to do it.
The weather is still very humid. My big fridge smelt awful today, stuff had been spilt and some stuff had really gone off. Thank god the cleaner came today, she said it was nearly at the point of stuff growing in the fridge! Yuck! Sorry to put you off your food folks. Sick smile