Back home after my extended break at my next of kin. I’m glad I’m back and can settle down to watch `Home and Away` the way I like it. My lovely Liz has started to take me out, I’m already feeling trapped indoors with my wheelchair. She’s marvellous -but shh, don’t say I said so!
I rang the Social services last week about the hourly rates for Direct Payments, and hair washing. It now appears, I’ve been told, that hair washing by carers can only be sanctioned as part of a walk-in shower support not with a strip wash over a sink. I have no walk-in shower and they could not suggest any alternatives elsewhere. Apparently they, the Social services, feel they can’t help me till I have moved into my new social housing flat (when ever that is) and then they will have to start with a new assessment in the new situation.
They did tell me that they pay £13/hr to care agencies chosen by the client with Direct Payments. So with me expected to pay services charges to social services plus the extra payments needed to make up the agencies hourly rates of £15/hr (which is the average cost of care agencies in my area) I feel like I’m paying twice! I don’t want to lose flexibility. I need to help myself and keep my friends around. I need flexibility in normal day-to-day decisions about my care, not one sided care plans that are incomplete.
Note – for now no social services assessment till after move as no walk-in shower!