I keep on hearing “we are at the peak of Covid-19 cases” but in my mind this is conjecture. I think graphs, bar charts, pie charts, etc put simply, are confusing, and in some ways going with your gut is easier to understand. 
I have Secondary Progressive MS and a lot of the time I’ve been indoors. My carers visit me but they are under a contractual obligation to do so. A couple of my friends have visited to say hello, keeping `social distance` apart with me in my doorway. This has all felt strange at times, it’s a scary time for us all, luckily I’ve not been physically unwell with the virus. My favourite TV programme 5 News has helped keep me focused, and with my partner concentrating on things that are practical around my home we get through, I can never thank Frank enough. One of my current wishes is to get a sound system for my TV that will help me hear the spoken words clearly while not blaring out the music, TV adverts, etc. This will be especially helpful for when I watch my Channel 5 afternoon weekday movies. 
What I would say to everyone at the moment is to take care, we will get through this and be stronger and more engaged than ever. We have each other, and Coronavirus has lead to us spending more time at home where we have got to know each other again in so many different ways; social media, saying hello from doorways to one another, and with milk deliveries to your front door making a comeback. I hope we keep clapping for our NHS and carers  and I wish you all every happiness. Take care and many thanks for reading this blog.