I feel that the new 5 News weekday programme continues to grow from strength to strength. 
Reporter Ruth Liptrot won an award for her Long Covid reports. She has the condition herself and her coverage is moving, and raises greater awareness. 
I think Sian Williams had a tricky job of trying to explain the ever changing, it seems, Gov’t rules of the pandemic. Good for her as she achieves this. Sian’s `Mind Over Matters` interviews are very good, and serve to highlight issues like mental health awareness. 
Last Friday Andy Bell and Julian Druker read 5 News alongside each other, two amazing journalists and it was nice seeing two men present 5 News in this way. 
Finally, see below an interview with pop star Anastacia, it was a terrific interview, and both Sian and Claudia burst into an Anastacia song themselves while Anastacia herself looked on and smiled. 

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