I have been “socially isolating” for three months due to my Secondary Progressive MS making me more susceptible to Covid-19 but I do realise there are a lot of people worse off than me.
Covid-19 has put the fear into all of us never knowing just where it will strike next. I saw an edition of Panorama which showed people in refugee camps being “isolated” by the authorities, and but then they had to sleep too close together with other people,  you felt Covid-19 was ever present. I think the extraction of blood plasma from people who have had the disease to treat Covid-19 looks promising. I think when I heard Boris Johnson keep talking about how to map the progress of Covid-19 I felt, even with science, this would never be possible but I’m starting to think now there is an element of truth in what he is saying.
 I heard the story of the Stockport Spiderman and how he and his other “super hero” friends kept the smile on children’s faces by greeting them, him in the street they in their doorways/windows, well done to them. Also the idea of a shower curtain with arms through like in incubators was an amazing idea for people to safely get close as people can not hug in the usual way.
My other half Frank has kept me going I don’t know how he puts up with me. He cooks me meals, does the shopping and keeps me smiling. Lastly to keep my spirits up I’ve been listening to, and thinking about Lindsay Dracass song “No Dream Impossible”. We will find a treatment or vaccine for Covid-19 so that is why I say no dream impossible!
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