Jeremy Hunt is causing havoc for the coalition government. Lib Dems abstained but Jeremy Hunt survived the vote. The coalition is under immense strain said Andy Bell, political editor. Labour think Jeremy Hunt broke ministerial code. Nick Clegg appeared at Levison inquiry. Parliament was bad tempered and the Lib Dems left just after the vote.

Rebekah Brooks trial – she was bailed charged with hiding evidence. Her key lieutenant appeared relaxed. They face 3 charges and her husband faces 1 charge. There was no comment from them, reporter Catherine Jones did a fairly good and complex report on this issue.

The Observer newspaper, it was claimed at the Levison inquiry, got hold of Alex Salmon’s bank details.

250 people are sadly losing their jobs at the Thomas Cook call centre in Bradford.

Lifting hosepipe bans from Sunday midnight in places like Oakham, Rutland, reported (fairly good) by Peter Lane. Some reservoirs now 98% full after all this rain.

Tessa Chapman reported that Aaron Cook, No 1 in the world at Tae Qwonado, had been passed in favour of someone who is No 59th. for Team GB for Olympics. He still dreams of Olympics Gold and might take legal action.

1.4 million still working passed retirement age reported by Julian Druker.

Kate and William, still 6 weeks to go before the end of diamond jubilee celebrations, were at Nottingham Council & started a race for school children with a small pistol, Prince William and Kate then tried their hand at throwing small, bright coloured javelins.

The WAGs in Poland for Euro 2012, Colleen Rooney flew there in a private jet. Lizzie Cundy speaks sense in this report. 2 England players were seen playing headers in their swimming pool. It was very appropriate that using “Here come the girls” song over this report. Newsreader Matt Barbet ends 5 News tonight with a fairly good joke – “my TV WAG is back tomorrow” (He was referring to his colleague and fellow newsreader Emma Crosby in a lighthearted way)

There was a good TV advert featuring objects being touched and turning into `skittles`.

Weather – Difficult driving conditions, cold in northern Scotland, thick cloud in the south west, 18 celcius in some places. Friday bad weather back with a bang. UV count is low. Friday is medium.