My Top Favourite YouTube Videos:

Me aged 15 yrs old cringe but OK.

In memory of my 2nd cousin Roger Dobson

In Memory of my best friend Heather Cumming.

My favourite pop star of the early 90s! Sonia’s Fool for Love.

My favourite pop star of the late 90s! Lolly’s Paper Rain released in 2020

My favourite Eurovision Song. Ivi Adamou’s La La Love.

SimonVigar. His take on memory cards.

Peter Lanes’ report 5 News report on the Stockport Spiderman.

My favourite personal viewpoints:

Me, My MS and posture issues.

Hot Radio Christmas present scheme.

Myself and the awesome Santa Claus.

The cup client test

Services charges

My dreams

Complex needs

welfare reforms

The shower story

My meltdown

sadness, barriers and cinema