How 5newsukgreatfan is doing?      My Top 7 Favourite YouTube Videos

MS Holiday Monday                                 Me aged 15 yrs old cringe but OK.

Services charges                                    In memory of my 2nd cousin Roger Dobson

October update 2                                      My favourite 5 newsreader/role model!

October update                                              My favourite classical piece.

2 film personal reviews                                 Rebecca Black & mates!

my life Pt1                                                        In Memory of my gran Emily.

My life Pt2                                                       My favourite pop star of the early 90s!

Friends with benefits review                           My favourite pop star of the late 90s!

the fall no. 2 and beyond                                   My favourite  5 News UK reporter:                  

Sharing mum and dad, and rip off Britain              Rotherham sex scandal.

minor developments                                                   S.V. His take on memory cards.

My  situation                                                   Happy Christmas:

The cup client test                                             Last Christmas – Crazy Frog

Disability intro                                                   My Xmass message to Julian Druker

Complex needs                                                  Mel and Kim – Rocking around.

welfare reforms

The changes in my life

My dreams

5 News UK, a viewers viewpoint.

The shower story

`Pirates and Scientists` + health specialist

How my MS manifests itself

My meltdown

sadness, barriers and cinema

Eurovision 2012 Take 1

message for Rebecca Black

Vacation part 2 but following a little mishap

Vacation part 2 but a little mishap I

5 News + vacation part 1

manifest of MS etc

My MS on 03-05-16