I wish I had a camera outside my place which was rigged to take a picture of a lovely grey squirrel that appears on my garden wall, but which is much way too quick for me. I want to send it in to 5 News for their weather spot. Either that or I need to get him to pose for me but I don’t think he wants to be that famous. I keep on dreaming of winning a car (an apple green Mazda 6 convertible) so me and my fella can get about together, but he wants the money to replace his motor bike which is about to die an untimely death. I have been thinking about the exams issue that’s been in the news recently. I think that people are fussing over nothing, the exams are just as hard or easy as ever. Samsung and Apple should settle their differences and sort things out for the benefit of the customers. They could call the products `Samples!`click. (like the meerkats, get it?) Saw my favourite 80’s pop star Sonia in the Stock, Atken and Waterman Story along with Jason Donavan. It was really interesting. Also interesting but more upsetting was the Tonight programme about disabled people hate crime issue. As someone with MS it shocks me how people can target people like myself for no good reason other than we’re complex, different and unique. It featured this guy who had fluctuating mobility who was hassled by his neighbour as a scrounger, and a girl who had a learning disability who tried to live independently but was got into the wrong crowd and was bullied and then killed. It was obvious that the Minister, while sympathising, didn’t empathise and so doesn’t fight our corner enough in Gov’t. Weather here is still too humid for me, very uncomfortable. Chronic fatigue and very thirsty, my thermostat is always saying it’s 24 – 27 Celsius. When I lived in the North the max. temperature I could cope with was 23. I’m tired of little midget flies biting my feet, it’s left my feet painful and my MS much worse. I’m still trying to get them with the fly spray but with very little success. Today I watched Colombo and in a little while I’ll be watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on CH5. Poor Belle, Gaston and the Beast, and tomorrow afternoon it’s the yellow brick road, the old classic Wizard of Oz movie, and 5 News UK to! Fingers crossed that Simon Vigar, my all time favourite, will be back on screen. Take care everyone, I hope I’m not sending some of you to sleep, and have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend? Laugh