Dear blog,

I’m feeling very unhappy and unsettled as people don’t seem to see the even bigger complex jigsaw that is me. My MS nurse seems to believe that everyone will see the MS as my main medical condition, I’m tired of this as on a daily basis I have frequent flashbacks to a painful past and childhood, sever depression and some hallucinations. I wish what I had to say on my own health issues took much more precedents. Sometimes it can feel like you go around in circles and speak to a brick-wall with no clear way out. I’m not keen on having the wrong kind of support service installed as if it does not include me as a whole person, it soon breaks down, threatening friendships and relations with other people in general.

I’m trying to set up a petition with the intension of outlawing service charges in social care. Clients and disabled people should not have to stand by and slowley watch their entire way of life/routine under threat by what I term the disabled people poll tax.

I can not afford to do anything with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but I hope their majesties, the general public, Mr Simon Vigar (5 News royal correspondent) and his red socks all have a superb time.

Goodnight for now.:mrgreen: