Newsreader Emma Crosby wears blue yet again and the very same silver pendent, I bet she has a big heart and should wear a gold locket instead. I wander what would be inside?

Jeremy Hunt – promotion to Sec. State for Health. Ken Clarke, Minister without Portfolio, is happy in a different role. Justine Greening is demoted, a strong opponent of Heathrow’s third runway. David Laws, now back from scandal, is now an Education Minister. The economy team for through to the next election. Boris Johnson, against a new runway at Heathrow said the reshuffle would not to change that policy, it’s more about personalities. Ed Miliband said it was the same old faces.

Ellie Symons doing well for Team GB,  + gold in archery. Prince Harry at swimming events. GB rider won the Dressage (dancing horses) with legs pressure as no sense in feet. Team GB had a poor start in 5-a-side blind football. Medals – China had 48 gold, Team GB had 20.

New blood test, available privately now and in NHS in next 5 years for Downs Syndrome. Old test meant 1 in a hundred chance of miscarriage. A good, well balanced report by Catherine Jones (Heath reporter)

New retail figures – Tessa Chapman – show people didn’t rush to the shops during the Olympics. A very clear down-turn, weakest month with not much online sales either. Xmas is critical time, may be consumers were distracted.

Michael Clarke Duncan, aged 54, actor, best known for his gentleness, had a heart attack in July which he never recovered from and sadly died yesterday – RIP.

Ellie Symons, a normal person at home. Julian Druker reports on a rather eventful 24hrs. She continues to surprise and shine. She may be the face of the golden girl of the Paralympics.

On 6.30pm news – state of the hospitals means nurses doing cleaning instead of nursing.

Weather – a bit of drizzle was coming, windy in north Scotland. Some showers in the Wednesday morning. Not quite as warm as Tuesday. UV – where sun comes out medium UV so wear a bit of sun cream weathergirl Sian Welby advises.