This very good mystery style thriller was about a black haired woman who, in the past has had nervous breakdown, meets a bank teller. In order to get her to go for a coffee with him tells her that she left behind her ID/bank card. They court and marry. He then sets about manipulating situations to make her think she’s having another mental breakdown. e.g she buys a green top but he produces a red top, or he hides her pills and make her think she had taken them. Also he makes other people thinks she’s losing it e.g. her worried parents. On another occasion her spikes her drink and she loses consciousness. She susses this and so she does this to him in revenge. While he is asleep she goes through his things and finds his picture with a different name. She contacts his mum who warns her he is very bad news. Also he leaks confidential information but using her emails. It turns out that he and her half sister are conspiring against her. The blonde half-sister decides that they must get rid of her. They try to make it look like a suicide using car fumes but a male friend finds her and saves her. Her husband and half sister are caught together by the police. The heroine asks why and the half sister says she is jealous of her relationship with their parents. The parents apologies to the heroine for doubting their daughter. I’d give this CH5 movie a 8/10 rating. I bet unfortunately though it’s another really good film that’s only available on region 1. Someone out there should get it sorted out so that American TV movies shown on CH5 are available legally in region 2 format. I don’t think it’s right that UK viewers miss-out in this way.