A third of soldiers being made redundant, letters now arriving to those effected. I feel for them.

Matt Barbet mentioned Internet companies, for example twitter, may be forced to hand over details to fight cyber crime such as trolls.

Catherine Jones did a touching report about Syria. Although not confirmed children could be being used as human shields, tortured etc. UN plan now in tatters. William Hague says there needs to be a peaceful transition of power.

The Falklands Islands are going to be given a referendum to help prove who the people want to rule over them. They are apparently oil rich islands.

There was something on briefly about football racist chants.

The opening ceremony for the Olympic games was highlighted, Director Danny Boyle is involved. There will be 10,000 people taking part and will cost £27 million. Mini asked “What will you do if the weather’s lame” to Danny. Mini starts asking questions to the volunteers like what’s the theme, what’s the inside story. They claim they don’t know but I think they might have an inkling somehow.

32 years ago now the parents of the little baby girl killed by a dingo in Australia but never found, get justice for their daughter and are found innocent, in spite of being found guilty in the past. If the little girl was still alive it would have been her 32nd birthday this week. (I’m just 3 years older).

Former Tory PM John Major said Mr Murdoch wanted a change of direction on Europe, Major also got “rattie” about himself being caricatured in the press. There are now ever growing signs of contradiction between those giving evidence at the Levison inquiry.

Andy Bell, political editor, was talking about gay marriage, and the Church of England disagreeing with it. There is a half a million petition now against gay marriage. The Tory party is split on this but it could become law by 2015. It was a nice touch at the end of this report of two men holding hands. I have no particular view on this issue.

Newsreader Matt Barbet says that more than a months rain in 2 days had fallen, more wet weather at weekend – yikes! Wales and Southern England – 34 rivers may break their banks. 28 people have been re-housed in West Sussex due to the flooding. Resident Alex Kearns was talking about the failure of drainage and it coming up from his toilet. The water is going nowhere, an old man said he’d been here 50 years and “not seen anything like it”. It’s not over yet though, reporter Tessa Chapman did an excellent report on this issue and then narrowly gets soaked by a car whilst stood in flood water. I think the driver should have looked where he was going. In the flood waters you saw 3 women in a canoe.

Newsreader Matt Barbet says we all know what the weather’s going to be before 5 News weather comes on, it’s heavy showers in Wales and South West, turning chilly in the North East. 18 degrees in London, Friday is unsettled everywhere.

UV count – avoid mid-day sun.

For the 2nd day running newsreader Matt Barbet says “Here’s Simon” when referring to Simon Pusey. I hope Mr Simon Vigar reclaims his title “Here’s Simon” that should be used exclusively for him. Good night all. 😐