Dear Blog,
`Generation Gap`, today’s CH5 afternoon movie, had a good script and the acting in it was superb. A boy aged approx 16, but looked more like 19 to me, living in New York city, is always getting into fights and losing his temper, and then the last straw – he is expelled from school. The guy who played his headmaster has been in a lot of films. 1 of them, I think, was the film the Pelican Brief. Driven to complete distraction, the boy’s mum phones her elderly dad asking for his help to guide his grandson onto a better, more secure, footing in life. The granddad, though very elderly, turns out to be a 2nd world war veteran, who had saved people in his past and had some very sad memories. To start with Grandson and Granddad just don’t get on, the grandson even absconds 1 night, but the granddad stands firm. Slowly the boy’s heart turns from anger to empathy. The boy’s father, leaving the house when the boy was very young and being nowhere to be found, clearly leaves this boy with some emotional scars. The boy at first fights people, but then slowly learns to walk away from troubles and fighting. A car accident then happens, but it’s a bad boy that’s really to blame not the grandson. The Granddad pins his grandson to a wall, then says “I’m wrong I’m acting just like my own father did to me”. the grandson tells his Granddad the real truth of the events, then they make up with the boy saying he will repair some neighbours mail boxes that were damaged or written off in the car accident. The boy falls for a lovely blonde girl with long hair. He asks her on a date by phone, they then share an intimate dinner unplanned by them, but which the locals there plan as a surprise inluding roling out the red carpet. Granddad however starts a romance with the local cafe owner, they had been flirting for many years and looked a similar age to each other. The boy restores an old red sailing ship. Apparently his grandma, who had passed away, had been on it and granddad was really thrilled. The film has a very sad but poignant ending. Granddad wishes his grandson well and tells him “make me and your mother proud of you”. The Grandson, you can clearly tell, intends to do just that. Granddad then sadly passes away from Lyphoma (I’m not sure what that is) and the boy then goes home with his mother a very changed young man. He also looks through an old trunk of war memorabilia too, he tells his girlfriend “I love you” and she says she feels the same way too. The boy returns with his mum back to New York City and then back to school, although probably not the 1 he had been previously expelled from. This film was also set in a rural looking location too. I simply love the CH5 afternoon movies, usually they rarely fail to disappoint me. I’d give this particular movie a good solid 9 out of 10 Rating.