Hello all,
I could be doing worse but generally with my MS the chronic fatigue I endue takes its toll on me.
I had a good time in Blackpool recently but where I planned to stay only really had a disabled ramp to get into/out of the building for the use of disabled people. The apartment doors meant I could not easily get through doorways to get to the bedroom or toilet. I was highly stressed out but luckily that same night we found a disabled friendly hotel on the same road that cost us £200 more and so we cut our time there accordingly. I managed just about to get on three rides at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach with a great deal of help, one of them being my all time childhood favourite “Alice in Wonderland” ride. I felt very sad that due to my MS worsening that it could well be the very last time I can go on these rides. I also had a good time being pushed in my wheelchair on the Blackpool piers. I saw a barbie pink horse-drawn carriage, I so wanted to go on this, I would love to have been taken to my wedding in this but felt overwhelmed by the severity of my MS. Purely by chance the great bells rung, the tide was in and there I saw it, the awesome donkeys. I may be too old to go on them or too disabled but a real beach isn’t fully complete without those lovely donkeys on it.
It is now a year since my aunt Irene passed away.  I went with Frank to pay my respects but I dreaded this very sad anniversary that had sadly co-insided with my birthday.
General view point 5 news UK!
As I was away I did not get to see 5 News UK that much, but from what little I saw Mini Stevenson did a report about aliens. Apparently Tony Blair had had a meeting about them. Mini met a guy who said he’d seen flying saucers and aliens. It’s certainly Encounters of the Third Kind or The Invaders. Newsreader Matt Barbet seemed to say the dressed alien in the report looked like Mini herself, but I think it more likely to have been Mr Simon Vigar without his famous red socks. It is on the 5 News website from a couple of fans who seem to be of the view that Newsreader Matt Barbet is going to jump ship and join Daybreak. If he takes that risk I think myself, and some fans also think, his career will sink just as fast as the Titanic, but what ever you do Matt Barbet take care, good luck and I so hope the lovely helen Fospero will return to 5 News. Daybreak’s loss in her returning 5 News UK is there gain, she was their greatest ever asset/newsreader.
I’ve met the Captain of the ship Golden Hinde II purely be accident.
I saw the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. It was OK but a ship carrying tea, even if it was a valuable thing at the time, to me, put simply, has no real meaning. We found out purely by co-incidence that the ship the Golden Hinde II was in dry-dock in London. This may be a replica but the history between 1501 to 1603 I find very gripping and inspiring. The Captain, who I told, didn’t look like the Captain of the Golden Hinde II on the David Starkey documentary of Elizabeth I. He didn’t know where Gravlene was where Drake fought the Spanish Armada. I felt like I was making a type of history, I would love to buy a modal of the Golden Hinde but the shop assistant there said that sadly they no longer sold them. I certainly would not have bought the black ship sold there which looked black and too much like a pirate ship. The Golden hinde II ship is now being renovated and I said she needs a lick of good paint, I think this will happen and I bet afterwards Mr Simon Vigar (Royal Correspondent) will get to sail in it before I do.
Take care, have a good weekend everyone. Sneaky