This CH5 afternoon movie was rather good, but for me was very hard to follow. I had seen it before on CH5 some while ago now. The plot consisted of a woman with wavy shoulder length brown hair, who was the wife who received typed single sentence notes, which were anonymous, and emails too that her husband, a sort of computer expert, is having an affair. She then hires a private investigator to get to the bottom of things. The private eye confirms to the wife her husband was clearly not having an affair. The private detective even hired a black haired seductive looking hooker who said to the husband “You can do whatever you want to me” but he turned her down flat, as he said to her he loved his wife. The wife was also tempted to cheat as an ex of hers, probably an artist himself like she was, tries to caress and seduce her. She turns him down, telling him she loves her husband too much. But her husband is up to no good at business and wants to keep his nice large looking house and lifestyle. so he sets up a `psycho` type room, with the wife pictured all over the wall with the husband cut out of the photos to try to frame a male colleague. Then the husband shoots the guy dead while they struggle and fight on the living room floor, as the wife looks on scared, bewildered and very shaken by it all. The film starts with a body in a black body bag leaving the big house, quickly followed by police, and you are left to ponder who actually died. It was the male colleague the husband had set it up, because he wanted him dead so he could make the money decisions at the computer company where he worked. A computer type bug or virus that was virtually impossible to detect was also mentioned in the film. There was also some nice looking painting or artwork in what looked like a type of gallery in the film too. I’d give this film shown earlier today  a 7 out of ten rating.