I’ve got an ongoing problem linked to MS that s getting worse. I lean consistently forward and can’t sit my self back to the point I could fall onto the floor. I love going online so this problem being consistent and painful is really hard for me to cope with. Also this problem might be making worse my acid indigestion as, sitting forward, I constrict my stomach leading to sickness. My other half Frank did have an idea but I simply cannot afford to do it, namely having a separate keyboard and monitor so I don’t have to lean forward in my wheelchair so much to reach the keyboard to type.

We popped to our local WHSmith’s today to purchase our daily newspapers and this weeks Football Pools’ lottery game entry. The woman boss there said WHSmith’s had now stopped hosting it. “Bummer” I said, I love playing that weekly game and choosing the individual teams I’m going to play with, including my favourite team Leicester City. It only costed a pound so it was good value for money, as we go into WHSmith’s a lot it made sense to do it. The female boss said that it seemed only us and one other person played the pools in that store. If the take-up for this game was so slow, then I can understand why this particular game can not now be played in store. It’s a real shame they have stopped doing it, good value for money and I enjoyed doing it. We now have problem where to go for getting our last ticket checked

It was nice going back to a our local Costa today. Bader, my favourite Barista there, was all smiles again which always lifts my mood. He always remembers my usual drink yet again – a medium Cappuccino with one shot of coffee.

Many thanks to you all for reading this blog.

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