This fairly good CH5 afternoon movie a thriller type with a good mystery plot attached to it. It featured 2 women who were close friends who were talking on the telephone, then she hears a scream down the phone. Just what has happened to her best friend? Blood is then found, then a real mystery unravels – the victims clothes and a necklace that she had bought for the victim are found in a river, but all is not what it seems. A valuable picture and valuable book were also stolen, so the victim fakes her own death and also goes back to being brunette (she was blonde before), she also changed her house interior and clothes, buying designer labels, she nearly sold her body to pay these debts but in the end she just couldn’t do it. Several people were murdered, including a female defence lawyer getting out of the bath, and she is then struck over the head with a crowbar. I didn’t really understand or fully comprehend the complexity of this. I think I recognised the lady with long blonde hair, I’m fairly certain she was the same girl in the same sort of film who was the prison owners wife and she is then kidnapped by a jailed inmate for ransom. I’d give this CH5 afternoon movie that I saw today a 7 out of 10 rating. The blonde lead in the film sleeps with a good looking guy from the FBI, unwittingly though, and says at the end of the CH5 movie “hurt me once OK, hurt me twice I’ll slit your throat”. Good for the character in standing up so strongly for herself like that.
I have to admit this humid weather here is all getting too much for me. I cannot open the windows and my thermostat at home says 26 Celsius. Please come soon rain and clouds so I can please have some relief from these  highly horrid symptoms. Sleepy
Take Care everyone Goodnight to you all for now. Thinking smileNope