A member of the Westlife group was sadly made bankrupt after, I think, some of investments went very wrong.

Football manager Harry Redknapp leaves Tottenham Football Club after 4 years, he seemed to be saying Tottenham wanted to go in a different direction than he did.

There is a new snoopers law by the government coming in. I’m sure the government could have found a better way of doing this than invading anybody’s and everybody’s on-going right to privacy.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong, a past winner of the `Tour de France` is dogged by the rummer again he took performing enhancing drugs, he says there is someway to go and that these allegations are baseless, and motivated by spite.

There was a service of remembrance in the Falkland Islands, both to reflect and remember those that took part in the Falklands War.

There will be an increase of cost on some car fines, pity the poor beleaguered motorist?

A five year old girl in the USA is selling loads of abstract imaginative paintings. She’s selling them for thousands of dollars. A very well done indeed to this lovely little girl who has a lot of favourite colours including red and blue, silver and gold. Maybe when she’s a bit older and in the UK she can try her hand at my face portrait hey?.

Half of those with electronic tags either rip them off or brake them.

Internet pedophiles arrested, police claim at least 50 kids saved. A scout leader was amongst those arrested, the police say very graphic content involved. Interesting report by Julian Druker.

More salt found in some single meals out than allowed in one whole days daily recommended intake a survey discovered. Peter Lane interviewed people on the street about how much salt was in certain foods. Most were shocked and said if they had known themselves they wouldn’t have let their kids eat it.

David Cameron PM, at the Leveson inquiry, was questioned for 5 hours and said there was no grand deal, his policies were not dictated by anyone else. He couldn’t be sure how often he’d seen Rebekah Brooks, his wife’s diary indicated it was about every 6 weeks.

Wayne Rooney’s new hair cut is not a brilliant hair cut, Rooney is still thinning on top, and a gentleman in this piece said he might have had a similar hair style but only for charity. Mini Stevenson went to a hairdressers (not for a cut of her own) but all talk was of Wayne’s hair. Newsreader Matt Barbet says Mini herself “could have done the hair herself” jokingly

Weather – the was a cheeky little squirrel viewers photo. Late brightness in the east, mild in the southwest. The weather was dull here, drizzly rain but thankfully no gale force winds as yet, and sadly for me my local favourite Clinton’s card shop closed for the very last time. UV rays -medium rays, not much sun about (that’s not surprising?) but still wear some suncream they recommend.