There was some good news very much from my point of view today, one of my favourite retailers Clinton Cards, has been bought by a company called American Greetings. Sadly some Clinton Card shops will still close, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it’s not my local store that I love visiting to bits. Good disabled access, wide aisles and plenty to see.

Sadly it would appear there has been some mass killings in Syria again. Everyone thinks this country is sliding into civil war.

Angela Merkel met our PM. She decided we need deeper co-operation, possibly a more integrated Europe with one single plan for those in the Euro, but this would result in a change in our relationship with the others.

The Duke of Edinburgh was visited by the Queen and he is much improved they said.

1 poor man has died in Edinburgh of Legionnaires disease. There is a slow incubation period so more victims may appear but possibly the worst is over and the risk to the public now is low.

Thames Water may lift hosepipe ban early after recent torrential rain.

Prince William has got promotion – he’s now a Captain.

A dock broken off by the tsunami in Japan has floated right across the Pacific Ocean and beached on the USA coast.

Rhianna has cancelled all her UK engagements – she looks all worn out. “she need R & R”. She has a new film out called Battleship.

There was a girl singing for the Queen to be on the 18.30hrs edition.

Euro 2012 – Rio not playing for “footballing reasons” we are told. His brother Anton is still backing him saying he will bounce back from missing out. France game is massive and the “talk of the town”. Mr deFoe has had to return home following a recent bereavement but hopes to return soon.

My favourite reporter Simon Vigar says its now fifty days to the Olympics in London 2012, Simon met Luise Smith who’s going for gold, he thinks it’s possible. He puts 80kg through his hands on the pommel and has just 50 secs. to do it to win the gold. Simon Vigar makes an impact to. I so wish I’d got tickets for the women’s Trampolining Gymnastics but it was clearly not meant to be though we applied at the time.

Weather – nice 5 weather viewers photo of a duck in a pond. Heavy rain and windy. quite chilly, staying quite cloudy, Saturday drier in the south. Medium UV rays. 😎