Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a 2017 drama film. It contains some bad language but was a fairly gripping film telling the story of Mildred who tragically lost her daughter who was murdered by persons unknown. This story is a woman’s drive for justice for her daughter and the polices’ attempt, in her own mind, to hide the fact they are not even trying to find the culprit. She saw some empty billboards outside her town and paid to have the issue highlighted on them in a controversial, provocative way. One of the policemen who took greatest exception to her billboards was himself very racist, and sexist and this lead to a lot of confrontation and anger, and even violence. For example he threw a man out of a window and she petrol bombed the police station. Towards the end of the film the billboards were set on fire (unknown to Mildred by her ex-husband) and the `ads` had to be replaced. Another factor in the tension was the police chief who was well liked and respected but who was dying of cancer, Mildred had sympathy for him but didn’t let the fact he was ill stop her from implying he was negligent and this caused great anger from many in the town. My most memorable scene was where Mildred has an argument with her daughter just before she is murdered, and it is the guilt of this argument that partly explains Mildred’s own motivation. I would not normally see this type of film but it was OK and I would give it a 7/10 rating.

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