I have a really good thought, maybe Mr Richard Desmond and CH5 could make two small films? Maybe they could film them at North Manchester High School for Girls  which is where I went to school. The two films, one of them a remake, would be `The worst witch` and `The worst witch strikes again`. I really love Mildred Hubble, Maud Wharlock and Ethel Hallow`. I loved these books and still do. Harry Potter can never hold a candle to Mildred Hubble, only some may say she was the worst witch of them all.
I was watching the old movie classic `The Wizard of Oz` on CH5 earlier this afternoon, it’s a nice enough movie but I think would have been really good to show `Return to Oz` instead. I know it was a flop when it was first released, and although not a musical, I think Dorothy is much more likely to be a ten year old girl.
The weather is still way too humid here for me and is very dull outside. They say it could be the wettest year on record, but I’m starting to believe they say that every single year now. Many thanks everyone and anyone for reading my blog, I do my upmost to make it varied, unique, extrovert, relevant to my own personal life and disability, whilst also trying to help other disabled people. My blog may come across as a bit of a ramble at times but living with a long term complex medical conditions, being housebound and heavily reliant on others, sometimes I’m just like Rapunzel but unable to throw my hair out of the window to escape.
Goodnight for now everyone. Thinking smile