The Worst Witch Original TV Movie.
I watched the DVD of this movie tonight. I had not seen it for a great many years, but I remembered just how much I loved it when it was 1st broadcast. I was aged between 8 and 11 at the time and brings back some happy memories for me. Tim Curry and Diana Rigg and the Worst Witch film are really superb, I was disappointed they never ever made a sequel to this. I know years later a TV series was made, but I wish the Worst Witch, and the sequel to it: The worst witch strikes again, could be made into 1 movie. It’d be awesome, who needs Harry Potter? Not me, Mildred Hubble all the way into the future on her broomstick with her Tabby cat in her satchel. The Songs, 1 title song sung by Bonnie Langford, may seem old, not the done thing anymore, but they’re just great all the same. Broomsticks with Witches on them are just great. The blonde girl villain who played Ethel Holloway is a brilliant actress in this, I’m wondering if she is still an actress, if so I wonder what she would look like or sound like nowadays, or even how old she is. I bet she’s a bit older than me.
A plumber came tonight. he is unable to change the plug for my flawed bathroom sink, but he found a rusted nail and hair in the trap! I’m 20 quid worse off, but at least for now it shouldn’t get any worse. It still feels very humid here, so very tired most of the time Goodnight all.