I recently got to see The Wind in the Willows Musical, apparently staged at the London Palladium but shown at the Odeon Cinema. I thought this musical was rather good, but in someways was not really gripped by it and found it difficult to follow. Some of the animals, especially two of the main characters, were not distinctive enough in their costumes, so it is harder to recall the role they were actually playing. I could easily though recognise the Toad character, he was really green all the way over. The story was about Toads desire for speed which lead him to steel a car and get locked up. The music, singing and choreography was all brilliant and came together very well, as did the stage effects. Seeing Gary Wilmot on stage in his roll as Badger brought back a lot of memories for me as I used to see him in a great many things on TV in the 1980s, I hardly recognised him with his beard and cane. It was great fun seeing an apparent toad getting dressed as a washerwoman, and I loved the real scouser washer woman on stage, it rather reminded me of the old Carry On films. The finale of Toad being put on a swing to overlook the audience and fireworks cracking soon afterwards, some great special effects there. I would give this show about a 5/10 rating and I feel for me it was a bit overpriced..

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