Dear Blog,
This weeks 1st edition of a new series of Watchdog was fairly good. Issues that were featured were Shurguard, a self storage company, being targeted by thieves. As a direct result of issues found there and raised on Watchdog, extra security measures for those lock-ups, which put peoples belongings in storage for however long they need it, will now be implemented. On the Rogue traders part of the programme Dan the Man rather jokingly goes over his family tree and they expose a company owned by the Smiths. You never really knew which 1 of the Smiths you were seeing on-screen at times, this family claimed they could prune or deal with tree maintenance. They charged 1 vulnerable old gent £1,680 in the end, and to start with wouldn’t give the gent a proper quote up-front for the work, so the gent could not make a informed choice as to whether he should, or could, afford to have the work done in the 1st place, or get another quote for the work that may have needed doing. The Smiths the Tree specialists gave a quote on screen 1 for £280.00 and another 1 for 850 pounds, all for unnecessary work to trees, and a guy was filmed, I think it was twice, urinating against a customers house wall, The very least they could have done was to politely ask – may I please use your loo? Or as I call it myself – The Throne room. Asda and their `Rollback` scheme was mentioned. Asda claimed they look at the prices of over 40,000 products each week, but some errors were found, and 1 of the male presenters had a board and on the prices issue used a stick rather like an old headmaster to help identify what, and where, Asda has got it wrong. Please note people I rarely use Asda myself, I love Morrison’s way much too much. There are hosepipe bans now in various parts of the UK and they are losing still too much water, apparently 3.3 billion litres lost! A figure Watchdog somehow came up with due to leakage. A young lady was interviewed on this and she sounded credible about the high fines imposed on these companies for that, but I’m still left wondering whether that cost is, put simply, just added to the high bills that already consumers pay. 1 water company failed to find a stopcock, or something, to stop a fairly serious water leak. It was found in the end after another visit by 1 of their representatives but the water damage had already been done but I’m glad she finally got it sorted out in the end. Ricky Boleto (he’s also on the Newsround programme) did a report on a cyber football game. Apparently there was a problem with the software and it meant players online got cut off. This computer game is football based, and the actual name of it contains FIFA somewhere in the title. The problem actually lay in the router somewhere and thankfully for those affected has now been fixed. Thankfully a good result for those online players as they were just so fed up of this what seemed to be a reoccurring problem for them. I’m just left myself now wondering has Ricky Boleto played this online game himself as I understand in real life he likes computer games, gadgets, and gizmo’s, iphones etc and I’m a little bit like that myself too. Tesco recently advertised on-line incorrectly an  ipad. If only the price they had printed was the real 1, I remember thinking the UK consumer would have a very good value for money deal. No wonder so many people initially ordered it only for Tesco to then realise their mistake and correct it. Apparently there is no such thing as a KFC Extra large chips, apparently they mean 2 portions of large fries together instead, confused? I know I would be. I don’t go to KFC myself as I don’t like chicken,  so yuck to me, and I only very rarely go to Macdonald’s, but my favourite really is Burger King. I’m not a vegetarian myself, but their Spicy Bean Burger, large fries, and a large cup of tea as an occasional treat to me is so yummy. Finally I will give 7 out of 10 for Watchdog, although I much prefer consumer champion Matt Allright over Anne Robinson anytime.Don't tell anyone smile