I’d give this particular film a 5/10 rating. It wasn’t bad, if it is on TV I may well watch it again, but I won’t be adding it to my DVD or much smaller Blu-ray collection.

This film tells the story of a brunette girl involved in a car accident and she looses part of her memory, and the film clearly shows how she puts the pieces from her own past back together and then tries, unsuccessfully to start with, to put her relationship/marriage back on track. Although you are left wondering a bit what happened next at the end of the film, it tell you the real life couple, this particular film is based on, did eventually get there in the end.

The girl feels very betrayed too when she re-learns her own father had an affair with her best friend. She thinks her mum should have left him then, mum says she thought about it but didn’t do so in the end.