As the UK spending cuts continue to kick in, for some disabled people like me the outlook seems very bleak looking into the future. My local mental health team now claims the law means they can only look at my mental health, they refuse to have a joint meeting with others to set out a workable, manageable plan to meet my multi-complex issues – learning disability, mental heath and physical needs all together.

The law is clearly wrong when it does not consider the whole person. I find myself facing more time and life in a wheelchair. I find that really hard going at times, loosing my freedom without others constantly having to be a carer with me. I am housebound which is just heart-breaking, and the more complex disability that you have the less likely the existing support services can meet ones needs, or are `fit for purpose`.

`Service Charges` are an abomination – people paying more for less services – it’s privatisation by the back door. Far better for the pot of money to be spent 90% going to clients and trying to axe social workers and their managers. The 10% left could then be used to fund people to assist clients with wage slips or general advice on employment law when trying to hire  carers direct or dealing with care agencies or providers.