I loved the Good Life but Richard Briers will always be remembered by me for Rhubarb and Custard (previously re-shown on Ch5) as I grew up with him narrating that, it was my generation. I will always be very fond of that particular cartoon. The Good Life was very good but the figure that I always strongly related to and I thought of as a role model was Margo, the unusual neighbour. I am sure he will live on in everyone’s memory and I bet he will be much missed by all his colleagues, especially Felicity Kendal and Penelope Keith. I’m going to watch Paradise Towers, a Doctor Who adventure with Sylvester Mccoy and Bonnie Langford, Richard Briers played the villain!

The horse meat still scandal rumbles on. The Environment Minister met up the the supermarkets yet again to find a resolution for the issue, lets hope the meeting was constructive. I think that sales of meat will drop off in the short term and then return to its present levels, just like eggs after the salmonella scare.

The poor model in South Africa was getting cremated today, RIP. So many rumours and gossips around this sudden tragedy.

David Cameron turns up in India to boost trade and students attending British universities. Bet he wouldn’t give an open invite to students from Eastern Europe.

Singer Myleen Klass speaking good common sense on a visit to Africa. Is breast feeding really that effective, especially if the mother is already malnourished herself?

Moneywise the UK still feels broke, I’m left wondering a bit whether Social services, with their near constant lack of funds, will start to see giving a daily wash to disabled people/clients as a want not a requirement. Nowadays it feels more about non-disabled people being seen as superior with money over disabled people or clients. The real and only answer is personalisation. I believe this to be a myth of sorts just like David and Goliath. My MS is leaving me more and more unsteady, and my body not completely level. Purple feet circulation – yuck! Lets hope for some better news from tomorrow onwards? I have been unwell mentally for a bit so I have not been blogging that much.

I wish Kate Gerbeau would rejoin the 5 News team.

Take care everyone, taa for reading my blog, good night everyone. Think