I really feel for the staff and chain of Toys R Us stores. Great example of a good job on the high street. Great games, toys for childrenĀ and when you go inside it feels like Christmas all year round, a feeling you could not replicate on Amazon or similar websites. I have to confess I do use Amazon a lot as I am in a wheelchair and can not easily get out and about. If I can buy something in a store instead I do everything I can to make it so. I have no children of my own so I can not buy much there but I would hate for Toys R Us to ax more stores and not survive. I know pensions are important but, and this is where I may become unpopular, Toys R Us surviving is more important in the short term. Restructure the company, build a better website and reduce executive pay, these are things that can be done now. I would hate for the staff at Toys R Us to lose their jobs at this festive time, it would be so cruel, almost like mentally putting a knife into somebody. Best of luck Toys R Us, we need good stores like you on the High street, not yet more pawnbrokers etc. Don’t go like Woolworths. Get a breath of air, and leave us consumers wanting more and more of you in their stores. Merry Christmas anyhow, good luck.

Do you think Toys R Us will survive in the current financial climate?

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