This edition of the Tonight programme mainly focused on young children, some with quite severe dental hygiene issues, then having to be put under general anaesthetic to have a lot of teeth removed due to eating a diet high in sugar and not brushing their teeth properly. Like 4 year old Usab, a girl who had a lot of teeth removed so then hopefully her new teeth will come through OK. Another little girl, after having her surgery, wanted a lolly-pop I think soon afterwards and when she didn’t get 1 she cried quite a bit. Her mum felt somewhat guilty about giving the young child sweets, and with the help of a female expert who then helped to take her shopping and put a variety of different things into the child’s diet. I think I recall the child likes carrot and cucumber. According to a dental expert there is a risk and link with tooth decay for those children living in poverty. There was also the case of a 21 year old blonde girl whose teeth were so bad that by the time she plucked up the courage to visit a dentist she had to have all her teeth removed! She now wears dentures. I felt a bit sorry for her, especially since she had that happen to her at a time when she was proably in the prime of her life. The average cost of dental surgery, I think they said in the programme, to the NHS was £1,500 per patient/child I think. The Childsmile scheme, giving children lessens on how best to brush their teeth and proper dental checkups, is a quite a big success  I hear in Scotland. I really think England should follow their lead and do this too. I believe in the long run it will save the NHS enough money to justify the cost of running such a scheme instead of children having to need surgery to remove rotten or dead teeth if there is such a thing removed. I noticed adding fluoride to tap water was touched on in the programme, but I find that particular subject to hard a subject to follow, and it is also a very emotive a subject for some people, but the male dental expert on the programme did confirm there is no 1 single answer to this very important issue. Brush your own teeth regularly everyone, I’ve only had 1 filling as an adult (but braces as a child to uncross my teeth that very clearly failed). As an adult the NHS won’t pay for me to have braces, although I  still really want them and I feel I need them on both my top and bottom teeth too. I cannot afford to pay privately for braces and I also try to brush my own teeth after every meal with my favourite toothpaste `Colgate Total`. My dentist wanted me to use dental floss and an electric toothbrush on a regular basis, but neither of these are a good option for me. Another dentist said to use mouthwash regularly, but in the past this caused my teeth to become very sensitive and painful. I have just given up in the past, it just got on top of me. I have also had gingivitis (if that’s how its spelt) in the past but I don’t think I have it nowadays. A very thought proving edition of the Tonight Programme, well worth watching, a 9 out of 10 rating.
Next weeks edition of the Tonight Programme will be very interesting viewing, certainly to me anyway, and if it is not too complicated for me I will try to do a blog about it. It’s about council tax – the fact it is capped, frozen etc, and how others in our society are paying a heavy price financially due to this. It’s also about the very high service charges for parking, but in particular social care that people are being forced to pay. Clients – those in rest homes, nursing homes, those living in their own homes with a disability of some kind etc. these charges are, just put simply, too high, and for those who are affected it can be heartbreaking. I want to see much more personalisation in Health and Social care, more flexibility for clients, and the axing of 90 percent of social workers and their managers. If you didn’t have to pay such people a monthly wage then that money could then go directly to the disabled and most vulnerable in our Society, and such people left would have a say but not overall control, because that rightfully belongs to the client/Disabled person etc. Also then the Service charges could then be abolished, and those that calculate this very unfair disabled persons poll tax could be axed too. Goodnight all very tired.Snail

P.S. I have also heard of people being told they cannot use things like direct payments/independent budgets for things like cleaning their home, hair washing, and some other things too. This can depend on where you live and how different social workers and their managers manage their budgets, and how they interept the rules. This can vary dramatically all across the UK. Social workers – hear these words – “get stuffed, it’s simply none of your business, we know what works for us and you make us feel bad for wanting control of our own lives. Put simply, some of your decisions clearly defy logical explanation, maybe even breach our human rights as people, and just aren’t fit for purpose. Leave us alone, we know what works for us, and leave us alone to get on with it and make our own mistakes, and we can then make a success of our own lives when you can’t”. In short – get stuffed!