I read in yesterdays edition of the Daily Telegraph newspaper, with their headline of “The sweets at tills ban to tackle child obesity”, of the Governments new proposals on this subject. I’m sceptical that the measures proposed to tackle childhood obesity will work and be effective in practice. For many years celebrities and cartoon characters have endorsed sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks, but I also think for convenience both children and adults would eat or drink them anyway. I recently purchased two kitkat chunky chocolate bars on a £1 for two bars offer. They also are planning on banning advertising unhealthy products before 9pm, but could this be enforced with so many channels now beamed in from abroad. Also TV companies would be effected if they can’t get the advertising revenue from such products. I’ve noticed that product placement in WHSmith’s happens a lot near tills with chocolate bars and yes it sometimes tempts me. I often have a giggle with the manager there when I say “I like your product placement” as a joke. We both know that’s what it is but it’s down to us all to eat and drink in a sensible way, otherwise the Government is telling us how to lead a life in their eyes. I do agree with the idea of an age limit on buying energy drinks. Many thanks to you all for reading this blog.

Do you believe it is down to us all to drink and eat sugary products sensibly?

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