I am writing this blog today in support of those employees at McDonald’s in Manchester downing tools and going on strike. I’ve since learned the strike had been called off, I hope because McDonald’s have given in the the workers demands. The staff wish to receive a minimum hourly rate of £10. I don’t know this for a fact but I suspect the staff at McDonald’s, probably not the managers, are on minimum wages. Lauren and others who work here want the ability to get by and be able to pay their bills, but at the moment can not easily do so. In fact Lauren said in her email to to me that she’s scared that because she works at McDonald’s she struggles to pay her bills and avoid being made homeless. I don’t think any employee should be left in this precarious position, and McDonald’s looks at the issue of wages again especially for keeping moral and service high. The best of luck to the employees at McDonald’s in Manchester in their aims.

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