The SNP’s  idea about putting up income tax to pay for services in Scotland is a good one, in order to protect the most vulnerable in their community. I feel for higher earners who will end up pay more, but feel this is the best outcome for Scotland in the present financial climate. Scotland didn’t want to be worse off than England, and I really don’t blame them. Tereasa May, Philip Hammond and others never seem to have enough common sense to deal with the vulnerable in community. When they do touch on it it’s all about the elderly, in fact I’ve never heard one word about working age people in similar circumstance. It’s not just the elderly that are affected by social isolation, poverty and disease. The SNP are leading the way showing governance and good judgement. sometimes I wish I did live in Scotland, but I know I could not afford to move and get the right place with ceiling hoists and other adaption.

On another note I heard that 5 news UK are now on their Christmas and New Year break. So that means only news bulletins will be shown, no full news programs. This is wrong, if other providers like ITN and CH4 can keep going during this period then I think CH5 UK can or should do the same. I’ve been left wondering whether Royal Correspondent Simon Vigar will be covering Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding. With the wedding being on a Saturday the odds are not good, I maybe out in the cold in my wheelchair, I hope to be there with my boyfriend Frank. Knowing my luck I won’t see anything but I’ll try to go, you only live once don’t you.

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Derek Mackay: Scottish Finance Minister

Derek Mackay