I recently saw the political party I support – the SNP – bring out a petition calling on the Government to alter its Budget plans, taking into account other matters. It appears from the Budget there was very little for families, those living on benefits like me, disabled people and other vulnerable groups in our society. It’s a real shame that those in Scotland maybe starting to turn to the Scottish Conservatives. If you want Scotland be just like how it is in London then I guess you are a Scottish Conservative. I however you want more fairness, much more personalisation and deciding the right personal course for Scotland to take then the SNP is more for you. Even though I live elsewhere in the UK I joined the SNP because I believed what Nicola Sturgeon had to say. She appears to be a good leader with common sense on her side. All Teresa May appears to offer is too many coughs at lunch time. 

One thing I would say though is Scotland decided to stay in the UK, by a majority that is what they voted for. Where I don’t agree with Nicola Sturgeon is she wants another independence referendum for Scotland. People of Scotland voted to stay, it’s time to move on. I like the UK being together, it would be a real shame if it were not to exist any more. 

Below is the link to the petition by the SNP against Philip Hammond’s Budget, asking him to re-think it. No matter what your political affiliations are, it is a good thing to sign to help bring around change. http://www.snp.org/tackletaxdodgers?recruiter_id=735265

Add your voice to our call for the Tory government to take tough new action to tackle tax avoidance and evasion.


I think Teresa May’s time in office maybe coming to an end. A coalition Government is goon but I’m not sure this one is with the DUP. I hope there is another General Election, probably next year sometime, lets hope a new Government, with a new team, improves strategy. I hope the end of two party politics will end in my lifetime. It’s not the way forward and the only real change you can get is by the ballot box, and people actually voting. 

Many thanks for reading this.