Today has been a weird but OK day today. In the afternoon we took down my black Christmas tree and my Christmas decorations too. This festive season has gone by so very quickly, just where did the time go. I bought some new tinsel from Pound Stretcher, it should look really nice up next year. The flat looks lonely without it’s Christmas decorations.

Earlier on today I had to have my electric SMART meter removed because in October we had a power surge that damaged the meter beyond repair. The old meter was blank were the reading should have been. My previous electricity supplier put in the SMART meter but earlier this year my old deal came to an end so I used U-switch and changed to a different energy supplier. They focus on renewable energy, and, although I didn’t know this at the time, the company was a relative newcomer. But what I didn’t know was that this company was not as yet providing SMART meters. So now I’ve taken a backward step and have had to go back to an old electric meter. I thought SMART meters were the only meters now being put in, surely these old meters should be consigned to history. There is nothing I can do at the moment until this new company fully engages with such SMART meters. I also wish for a gas SMART meter too. A rather an unusual thing, my boyfriend saw the engineer’s van parked outside and it said this firm, which had been contracted to do the work, dealt with SMART meters, but he said he didn’t have any in his van. 

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Many thanks for reading this blog, I really appreciate it.

PS I’ve just been lucky enough to be allocated tickets to see Martin Lewis on his moneyshow as one of the audience, he’s one of my role models, a real clued-up down-to-earth expert in his field.