I wish my favourite programme, 5 News, all the very best when it relaunches itself 5 – 6 PM weekdays, starting from tomorrow (8th). I had to think very carefully what I would alter in a new longer programme. This was immensely difficult as I respect and thoroughly enjoy watching them all. But here goes: 
My favourite, Simon Vigar, doing some more light hearted pieces, for example, he interviewed a witch with green hair, and even had a go at trying a witch’s cackle. I would want more of this.
Julian Druker has done some fantastic presenting and reporting on crimes. He nearly moved me to tears in his coverage of poor Sarah Everard. I hope to see even more of him.
Ruth Liptrot has a real charisma, she tends to do the more light-hearted reports, in particular celebrities. I would love more of the same, especially as this would show she had recovered from Long Covid.
I hope the proposed greater interaction with viewers could, for example, mean that “YOUR NEWS”, where viewers sending their own reports by webcam or mobile phone, could return. 
I love seeing Anila Dhami so I would include her in the studio or get her to do more reports.
And finally, the CH5 film review making a welcome comeback. I think someone called Jason Solomons presented this before on a weekly basis before the weekend.
Thanks to all for reading my blog. ☺️