I have received my Christmas card from my party, the SNP, and I think it’s a┬áreally nice card. On the front is Nicola Sturgeon with a veteran SNP politician Winnie Ewing. On the back is a list is of aspirations and achievements. I liked them all but my top 6 are:

  1. Free personal care extended to all under 65 who need it.

  2. Protecting the most vulnerable families from the worst of Tory cuts.

  3. Record health spending.

  4. 12,000 more NHS staff.

  5. Deposit return scheme for bottles and cans.

  6. Tuition fees abolished.

I wished I lived in Scotland as I feel Nicola and the SNP are trying their best for their people and I like what they say and feel.

Do you like the SNP even if you don't live in Scotland

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Nicola and Winnie