It is with some sadness from my point of view I went on a bit of a downer about it – my Princess Kate face mask and diamond jubilee teacup and saucer did not arrive in time for the diamond jubilee. Some small consolation, my diamond jubilee chocolate bar with the Queens face depicted on it did arrive today in time. I would not have ordered the face mask if there was no possibility of it arriving in time for the festivities, but I guess maybe a failure on my part.

My flat feels very uncomfortable, humid, I am very lethargic due to my MS and this heat too. I so wish I could have a proper air-conditioning system installed, but I could never get permission or have any money for that nowadays.

I’m very sad that I could’t take a more active role for the Queens diamond jubilee, but my MS, my own personal circumstances, and my constant lack of cash really made that impossible. Here’s now, hopefully, to Eurovision song contest in 2013 in Sweden. I will try and do my `Home and Away` blog, the omnibus edition, when I feel a bit better.