About a month ago there was a massive power cut in my area. It resulted in set top boxes breaking down and other electrical goods. My place was lucky as we only lost bulbs, an extension lead, a light fitting with an in-built fan and an electric  smart meter, thankfully no grub in the freezer. It was scary for me, exacerbated by my autism. There was a good burger van provided by SSE so at least some food was available. Luckily we didn’t need it but the generator never arrived and our ceiling hoists carried on working. We are still waiting for a certain type of bulb and a light switch/timer. SSE and HASTE handled it fairly well. I really feel for some nearby flats who need a new roof as the old one was damaged by fire. Apparently SSE say that things were replaced and fixed so it shouldn’t happen again. I’m thankful to Costa where I got a Cappuccino at the time. We have heard through the grape vine that this power cut could cost SSE a couple of million pounds. Thank for reading this blog.