This particular film “The Post” tells the story of how Mrs Graham, the publisher, and Mr Bradlee, the editor, of the Washington Post newspaper revealed how successive Presidents had conspired to consistently lie to the American public about the Vietnam War. The film I would give a 7/10 rating. My favourite scene was when a mysterious young woman with brown hair walked into the offices of the paper, asked a reporter behind a desk if he was important, and then left on his desk what turned out to be vital papers that broke the story for the Post. I found the film rather interesting, and was left at the edge of my seat when the film finished at the Watergate break-in wondering what actually happened next, I was left wanting more. My favourite character and actor in the film was Bob Odenkirk who played Ben Bagdikian the journalist who obtained the report everyone wanted to get a copy of. Although the two leads (Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks) were good, less well known actors probably missed out in favour of bigger Hollywood names which is disappointing.

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