My Home Phone and Internet connection is not working at the moment I’ve heard it could be an internal wiring problem and they want £60.00 to fix it which I don’t feel I can easily afford but as I recall that phone line has only been installed for about 18 months approx or so I feel like if I pay this I’m being taken advantage of due to my own vulnerability and ongoing disability issues I will try to handle this rationally in a way that money expert Martin Lewis just might and my home phone is vital for me GP and carers to get hold of me I simply cannot afford the 60 quid and as I have to move to a more suitable flat at some point needing new wiring for just what maybe a few short months feels really wrong to me I so hope this gets sorted out very soon as I’m finding this very stressful and distressing P.S. Silly old me even bought 2 lots of duplicated National lottery tickets for the 2nd week running I Now Wont be in the draws I’m meant to be in I hope my numbers don’t come up then Yuck Silly Old me hey?Flirt-male
As of yesterday afternoon my home phone line and Internet connection was restored Yippee I’m back in the real cyber style world once again I did so miss using Twitter just loads while offline I think it was 4 days in total approx before my Home Phone and Internet connection was restored it Turned out to be something to do with maybe internal wiring and a B.T. box so many metres  from my home was the blame. I’m now waiting to hear whether I will be charged this £60.00 I So hope not Please?Fingers crossed