I’ve seen Mystery Woman, staring the awesome Kellie Martin, many times now, but I have to confess that I had never seen this particular episode before now. 2 characters – Philby & Cassie – must have originally been played by other people. I was somewhat startled by this as I wasn’t aware of it. In what I had seen before Philby was an older gent, this was a white man with a beard. Clarence Williams III looks completely and utterly different from this Philby supporting a beard. Cassie was played in a different way by a brunette, not a blonde, but looked a similar age. It was very well done, I’m certainly very curious as to why both the roles of  Philby and Cassie appear to have been re-cast. Just what was the thinking behind that particular decision whenever it was made? Kellie Martins’ character had an ex-husband. This had never been mentioned in any other episode I had seen before and Kellie Martin, a real role model for me, looked a bit younger with shorter blonde hair. But in Mystery Woman I’d only previously ever seen her with reddish coloured hair, a little bit similar to mine, but a bit longer.

The male murderer in it I had seen before in a previous role in “Emmas’ wish”, and I think he has done a lot of American TV style roles and is quite a good actor. I just love the Mystery Woman films (if only they were readily available in region 2) as they always have a very good plot line and motives, and they don’t use thankfully too much in the way of forensics which is something I don’t really like as I just find it too hard to understand and comprehend. Kellie Martin is just fabulous and is famous for her role, in my eyes anyway, in “Death of a cheerleader” and with Philby you never really know who he really is, he always keeps you guessing, which is really good and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Sheriff Conners, I think he calls himself, refers to Samantha Kinsey as Miss Kinsey. He is rattled at her ongoing interference at times but each of them has a genuine mutual respect for the other. Cassie Hilman is very good but I sometimes find it hard to suss her out.

Finally I’d give this origonal Mystery Woman episode a 10/10 rating, I doubt it could have been filmed any better than it actually was.

Goodbye all. 🙂