Cinderella doing her chores.







 This latest version of Disney’s Cinderella was both spellbinding and captivating too. The only change I would have made is to maybe have made my favorite actresses Reese Wetherspoon or Kellie Martin as the fairy godmother instead. The buildings and costumes were all in keeping and visually appropriate for such a classic fairy-tale. Giving the name Ella to the character Cinderella at the start was a very clever idea. The special effects for this film were good, particularly for the lizards. Normally these days if I see a new film, for me personally, the special effects are more realistic and plausible than the film itself! But this was not the case with Cinderella. Some more songs you could have sung along too may have been an extra, but the closing musical credits for this film were very good.

One version I like of Cinderella is the Slipper and the Rose film, it has all the features I love in such a film, especially the queen grandmother. But this new Disney Cinderella equals it, which for a brand new movie is simply not like me! I’d give Cinderella 11 stars out of 12 this time around. 
My sincere best wishes to you all,
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Cinderella & her mesmerized handsome "apprentice".