I thought the contestant called Lucy was very beautiful on `In to win it` tonight. Lewie was the 1st contestant to be drawn to meet Dale Winton to win some money. He is a cocktail barman, as he thought that made him sexy he wanted ideally to win 10 or 20 thousand pounds, and he wanted to buy himself a fancy looking bicycle worth 3 to 10 thousand pounds. Lewie I think answered 4 correct questions before entering the red area. The next contestant then was Richard from a place called Lempster, which is on the Welsh border apparently, he brought his sister and mum along for moral support and he wanted to go on holiday to the west coast of the USA but he never said where that actually was. He wanted to win ten thousand or 20 thousand pounds, and there was a funny story about him running a place and asking singer Jay Z for his opinion, not realising he was talking to a famous celebrity. I have to admit I doubt I’d recognise him myself in person as I’m not into him or his music. The next contestant to come over to play was Ann, an O.A.P. from Wetherby in West Yorkshire, a place I’ve never actually heard of. Ann used to be a clerical worker, she was once lucky enough to be kissed by actor Roger Moore, lucky girl, and if she won anything she wanted to buy herself a new car. Interesting answers that came up for questions included King Arthur which was the 1st correct answer, Illinois was something to do with Barrack Obama. David Walliams being the 1 who took part in the charity swim in the River Thames in London. I knew the answer to that particular question as my favourite 5 News reporter, Mr Simon Vigar, covered that story last year I think it was. Charles Darwin being the face on a ten pound note, and the e for email was guessed correctly as Electronic. 1 contestant was sent home as the klaxon went, but Lisa was the last contestant to make it over to Dale Winton just prior to the klaxon going. To win her share of the money she had to answer only 1 question but she sadly answered incorrectly, as did Richard and Lewie. That only left Ann in the Winners Row. She had to guess the name of a stage show purely based on a characters name, she thought it might sound a bit like a cat and she correctly guessed the stage show Cats, and she won the entire amount of 60 grand all to herself, and was quite rightly over the moon lucky girl. I thought of my Aunt Irene, who recently passed away last year, when that particular question came up as she was very into those kinds of theatre shows, and she did like Cats, but I only like odd songs from shows a bit similar to that really.
I had been in severe pain in my legs this weekend, I’m very thankful it has now settled down a bit. But seeing the lovely weather for a 2nd day running just really broke my heart, I so wish I could afford the small electric wheelchair that fits into the boot of a car. I need to try and rebuild my life. I can only dream though as I could never myself afford to buy 1.
I watched 2 carry on films on BBC2 earlier on today, which cheered me up a bit as I had been feeling very down. My favourite scenes today were actor Kenneth Cope being spanked in public by his mum while a grown up in public, and another scene whereby actor Sid James in a dodgy disguise gives Kenneth Williams a psychic reading in a tent, and he is apparently taken in by it – just prior he had said he didn’t believe in it. It looked a bit like they had taken a coach trip to Brighton, and it looked rather like 2 of the films characters actually got married there but not on the Ghost Train or the big slide featured in the film.
Fairly tired now done 2 more blogs again tonight Goodnight allEye-rolling smile