1st across was the Green colour, Neil from Hastings. He works in a football centre he wanted to win 100 grand. 2 funny questions came up: 1 About the Twilight films. I knew the answer as I read the Daily star and occasionally some celebrity type magazines. Neil didn’t know the answer to another question and the correct answer to it was Julius Caesar. I strongly thought that was the right answer as I like a lot of the old movies set in Rome, Jesus and his Disciples etc. After getting it wrong he was sent to the red area and, although he ended up answering another question correctly, he answered his last question of the night wrong and was sadly then sent home and won no money at all. Next across to meet Dale Winton was the blue colour, Sharon from London. She has a job employing bus drivers and she wanted to win 20 grand, at present she was living with her sister but had been dating her partner for 8 years and I think she wanted her own home. More interesting questions came up: answers were fruit cake (I think Dale Winton had tried and liked that particular kind of fruit cake), another question came up and the contestant said he had seen Basil the great mouse detective and so therefore he knew the answer, the actual question was something to do with Sherlock Holmes! The next contestant drawn was yellow, Paul aged 46 from Birmingham. He was a card retailer and had been engaged for the past 6 or 7 years, he wanted to win 25 or 30 grand and do a parachute jump in the grand canyon (I think that’s in Mexico somewhere I think he said). A question then came up about spiders and their cobwebs, the audience and Dale Winton chuckled at the question, even I didn’t get the question. Next Across was the white colour, an older lady called Geraldine. She had worked previously in a chemist for 45 years, she was from Newport in Wales and she ideally wanted to win 15 grand. A question came up about Gotham City, she thought it was something to do with Superman but I vaguely recall it was Batman which I never watch, it ain’t my thing. Interesting questions came up: who wrote the music for “Here comes the bride” and the answer was Wagner not Beethoven as they guessed, another contestant guessed correctly that yeast was in fact a kind of fungus – I never knew that. A Greek mythology question also came up which really confused the contestant trying to answer it. Last across was Nic. She wanted ideally to win 10 thousand pounds and she wanted to have laser eye surgery done so she could see a bit better. Further interesting questions came up: the answers included Wallace and Grommet, and apparently the Princess Elizabeth had once been a lorry driver in the army, these days you couldn’t imagine her doing that can you. A contestant guessed a USA question wrong, he guessed California when Colorado was the correct answer. A boxing question came up which the male contestant correctly answered David Haye. In the end Nic answered correctly a question about Mick Jagger so she won her share of the money, Geraldine lost out on her last question of the night so won nothing at all. There were 3 winners in the end, each netting 16,666 great British pounds. I couldn’t remember and recall as much as I would have liked to on this particular edition of `In it to win it`, but I do recall that Dale Winton wore a nice black and white tie and Dale Winton, when prompted, gave a kiss on the cheek to a male contestant.
To say I’m utterly shattered now is the understatement of the year 2012. Thank you anyone and everyone for visiting, reading or commenting on my Website/Blogs, its much appreciated. Take care to you all, enjoy the rest of Easter, and please keep checking my website when you can for new posts. I have no idea what RSS feed means and I don’t have a regular newsletter or subscription list, please keep checking when you can – Goodnight all.Embarrassed smile