I really love The National Lottery “In it to win it” game show with awesome host Mr Dale Winton. I so hope 1 day Frank, my next of kin, gets the chance to audition and take part in this fabulous game show. On The Lottery draw itself this week I only got 1 number, such a shame. I never even win a tenner even, but I really hope 1 day just 1 of my sets of numbers on the National Lottery or Euro Millions come up.
1 contestant was Hayley from Swinton. She had what looked like orange hair and she wanted to design her own campavan. She knew the answer to the 1st question `Costa Brava` as she apparently speaks Spanish. I myself never managed to successfully learn Spanish although I did try to a couple of times. I knew `Menagerie` was a cage for animals, as I remembered watching the Original Star Trek. Garth was up next, he worked for a tiling company but Dale Winton said he loves carpet. He wanted to win 50 grand and wanted to try IVF treatment with his partner – very touching. A question came up `Where is the SW19 postcode?` – the answer was Wimbledon. I would never have known that myself in a million years. Another question came up and Dale Winton said, in response to that particular war question, that the Swiss wouldn’t war with anyone . The next contestant was the lovely Debbie from Wakefield, which is near Leeds apparently, and she worked at a 9 hole golf course as a sort of secretary I think she said, and apparently it costs £9.00 to go round, a very reasonable price I must say. She had worked there for 5 years and she wanted to win 40 thousand pounds to pay off her wedding, and I think she said she wanted to go to the Maldives for a holiday. 1 question that come up the answer was Glee. Dale Winton also said he likes real rap whatever that means! Another question that came up was `In the USA when is the Fall` I knew it was Autumn as I watch way too many CH5 afternoon movies not to know the answer to that. Another question was `What game show had Les Dawson and Terry Wogan both hosted?` I never would have guessed the answer was Blankety Blank, which is a good programme which should, 1 day I think, come back I now publicly say. Dale Winton confused 1 of the contestants he thought had been a truck driver but it was a different contestant, which made me and the audience laugh a bit. Another contestant Paddy, as I recall I think he was the 1 with no hair, said he sung sometimes and that he hoped 1 day to record a single for the Help the Heroes charity. I hope he gets his wish 1 day. Another question that came up was `The term `Silk` referred to which profession?` The answer was `Barrister`. I would’ve never known that. Another question referred to a river. I would have guessed the River Irwell, but the contestant got it right when he said the Mersey, the question may have been `Which river ran through Warrington?` Leigh from County Antrim, I think she was Irish, wanted to win 30.000 pounds. Another question that came up was to do with jumping I think, and she said she had no idea how long 2.45 metres was. I would have had no idea either. I think the answer was the Long Jump. The prize fund was then frozen at 25 thousand pounds as that was when the klaxon went. Debbie sadly lost out on her last question. I think 2 people won in the end – 1 male, 1 female, and they each won 12 thousand five hundred pounds each – well done to them. I will give this a rating this week of 8 out of 10.
Goodnight all I’m utterly shattered nowSleepy smile