Dear Blog,
I got to see my favourite Lottery show “In to win it” tonight for the 1st time for ages as it’s just returned for a whole new series. I really felt for the much older gent than the other contestants as he ended up with a lot of cinema based questions, and sadly he lost out as he had not been to the cinema for many years. He guessed Dirty Dancing for 1 of the answers and the real answer was the film Black Swan, a film I’ve remotely heard of but have never myself seen. Blonde Katy from Essex, who also wore a lovely dress, made me laugh. Apparently she drove 3 cars, 2 were a right-off, and the 3rd car, a courtesy car, ended up being towed away, I’ve no idea why, to which myself and the audience too then chuckled. The other female contestant, also from Essex, lost out on the last question. The eventual winner was a lady from Northern Ireland called Ciara (I think she said she was a teacher) who walked away with the whole £40,000 prize – what a lucky girl indeed! At times she guessed the answer from the 3 choices she had, and went with her gut feeling, and she got her reward – well done her.
Mr John Partridge helped with pressing the button to start the draws. He always makes me smile as he has a lot of genuine charisma and a nice smile himself too. Although I think the person who presses the button for the National Lottery draws on Saturday at least, should be someone chosen at random by computer who is sat in the audience. It would help to give a normal person maybe the 1 chance in a lifetime to be live on TV.Be right back