Dear Blog,
I was chatting to my polish neighbour, so I sadly missed watching 5 News at Lunchtime, so more’s the pity – I missed watching my favourite newsreader and her awesome accent Mrs Katie Goodman.
On 5 news UK tonight people remember the recent sad loss of 22 children and six adults in the recent coach crash. 1 theory being explored is maybe the driver of the coach had an heart attack at the wheel. Now the man is dead I’m not sure that can be proved now either way can it? Most, if not all, the children that died were aged 12 or under. Samantha Cameron and David Cameron visit ground zero at the end of their visit in the USA. Apparently Samantha Cameron was somewhere near the vicinity when September 11 happened, and David Cameron, in a genuine heartfelt way, spoke about how he tried to desperately contact his wife at the time but mobile phones were out at the time or something. Next week is apparently the dreaded Budget, I hope the Chancellor leaves the disabled people and the most vulnerable in our society alone this time around. There are more victims out there than previously thought that may have the PIP breast implants. Network Rail were found guilty and were fined, I cannot remember how much, over the tragic deaths of the 2 girls on a level crossing. I hope that they have learned their lesson now. Reporter Catherine Jones reported on literacy in our schools, I have to admit when she put up 2 examples of handwriting I quickly realised at 35 years old I was nowhere near up to the level she was on about, and that it was about very young children based on what I saw. The UK boss of Tesco resigns today `Every Little Bit Helps` but not based on what I heard. And the police may have now to undergo a medical test every year. I think this is a waste of time and valuable resources in my view. Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, ended the programme with a report on Princess Kate wearing what looked like a nice pair of casual coloured trousers playing hockey somewhere. Apparently our future queen in her earlier years was captain of her hockey team. I bet that wasn’t at St Trinians no less somehow.
I watched the CH5 afternoon movie today starring Sigourney Weaver ( I will never watch Alien Or Aliens – yuck) called Prayers for Bobby. I have this film on DVD somewhere. It’s about a very religious, and a bit over protective, mum who simply cannot accept her son is Gay. Bobby later commits suicide by jumping from a bridge. The mother feels a massive sense of loss and later becomes an activist of Gay Rights. I love this film, but I always found the fact her son died in such tragic circumstances very sad indeed. This film is based on a true inspiring story and for me is an 8 out of 10 rating.Disappointed smile