Dear Blog,
On The Meridian Tonight programme Friday’s edition big schools are made even bigger still to accommodate more children. People are divided on the issue, the children say it gives them more children to play with, others say it’s OK, others think its no good at all for children, in particular they were talking about infants. I myself firmly believe that classes should consist of between 16 or 20 pupils per class. I wasn’t diagnosed with my learning disability and Aspergers syndrome till 6 months before leaving school, if my classes had been smaller when I was younger I may have done a bit better myself at school and even diagnosed much earlier. Rose Road was mentioned, which is a centre in our region for people with learning disabilities to socialise & learn from each other etc. Prince Edward visited the place and he had something small thrown at him by a female resident which he chuckled at. Rose Road needs donations to keep going, it is a worthy cause to support. A new film about the Titanic is going to be on ITV1, the cast was interviewed. It looks OK for those that are interested, I won’t be watching it myself, I only want to watch `A night To Remember`. Also mentioned was the late Father Brown who was on the Titanic between Southampton and Queenstown. He had a camera given to him and he took photographs while on the Titanic, this gives a remarkable insight on the ship & the sort of people on it. My favourite photograph that I saw was taken with a man using the code device, Father Brown passed away in 1940 I think they said. The new football stadium in Bournemouth when it is built will look much better, more modern, with better facilities.The 6th series of `Britain’s Got Talent` returns, it will go head to head with `The Voice`. Simon Cowell is back with new judges Alisha who wore a nice dress, but from what I have heard `The Voice` is the better version and I hope that eventually wins the ratings war. I prefer Pete Waterman over Simon Cowell anytime. Simon Parkin sat on a deckchair that had to be moved into position by a crane, its 6 tons in weight, and I think only the media get to go up the ladder to sit on it. Tourists love it, I’m not sure though myself. The weather – a bit misty over the M4 but otherwise record temperature for this time of year, and bear in mind, which I didn’t know till I watched the programme, the clocks go forward this weekend. I remember thinking is it that time of year now already.
5 News UK Friday 23rd March 2012.
I noticed a funny TV advert, a kind of funny type animation for Protect your I think it was. It rather amused me tonight and it aired about 2 mins before 5 News came on. The minimum price for alcohol is definitely going ahead according to the PM. Reporter Tessa Chapman did a price comparison of different alcohol types, the price now, then after the changes. A bottle of cider would go up to £35.00 she said, I’ve heard the supermarkets may now issue a legal challenge against this price increase. I don’t think increasing the price will curb binge drinking. Also heard a zero tolerance to binge drinkers in A and E assaulting staff. While I agree with this, I’m sure this is the case already. Singer Whitney Houston did die from drowning in her bath, but she had taken 3 different drugs before she had her bath in the hotel room, 1 of them was cocaine. She was not drug free as some people claimed at the time. The price of petrol goes up again £1.40 and £1.46 per litre it will be now, yet more bad news for the beleagared motorist. A black young man went out in Florida and bought a packet of Skittles and is then shot by a suspicious man. President Obama said it was a tragedy that would be investigated, the boys family understandably want justice. The Queen visited and opened 3 new hospital wards in my former home town of Manchester. Mini Stephenson does a report about `The Voice` and `Britain’s Got Talent` going head to head with each other, Simon Cowell says he would love to find 1 star in this next series. Alisha wore a nice blue and white dress, I would like a copy of that dress myself in a size 16 or 18.
 Newsreader Emma Crosby, in the later edition of 5 News, was going to do a report on a film called `The Hunger Games` but I didn’t get to see that. Yesterday they interviewed actor Hugh Grant who, to me, is OK but I wouldn’t have watched it specially. Sian Welby used a nice viewer photograph of tulips and the weather would be warm, above the seasonal average, she said, whatever that is, and she also said that some parts of the UK would be warmer than Africa, whatever next! Julian Druker did a good report from the new Deckchair at Bournemouth Pier. The Deckchair is just massive, lucky he didn’t fall off – a brave man, and my favourite 5 News report of the day. I’m left wondering though, did Julian Druker get to meet weatherman Simon Parkin as they did a report today at the same place? I guess we will never know will we everyone?
I’m very tired, I’ve probably done 6 blogs in 1 day, no wonder I have a headache and no it ain’t a hangover. Goodnight everyoneSleepy smileWilted rose