On Meridian Tonight their main news story this evening was about the cost of Pot holes to our region – the figure of 57 million spent on pot holes in 2010 was, put simply, a staggering amount. A woman was knocked over by a cow I think it was in a place called Horn and she died. A primary school, I think it was in Brighton somewhere, is increasing places for infants. A lot of parents are against it as they think the primary school school is crowded enough as it is. There are to be more spot checks on vehicles due to people stealing lead, and I think something called Smart Water is used to help detect the exact source of the copper/lead etc. There was a Lighthouse Report made in Dover talking about lighthouses and the fact they are now automated and no longer manned by people. Weatherman (and a bit handsome guy) Luke predicted rain for our region, it maybe a washout this weekend, oh well, maybe some of us will be singing “it’s raining men” hey.

Harry Redknapp is interviewed by Mr Fred Dineage himself. He thinks it’s sad about Pompey, I think he used to manage them, he thinks Bournemouth Footie Club is doing OK, and that Southampton football club is going well. Just what would I know about Football? Come on Harry, is your lovely daughter Louise bringing out a new album at some point please, is what I would really ask him given the chance. I don’t think him getting the England managers job was really mentioned, but Harry Redknapp apparently tonight spoke to the Meridian Tonight programme exclusively, and Harry Redknapp has a beautiful house somewhere in Sandbanks ( I’ve never heard of the place myself). I wonder if Louise was brought up there or not?

The programme ended with the fact it’s 100 years apparently since the liner Titanic sank, and the film, frame by frame, “A Night to Remember” has been digitally remastered to mark this tragic event. I still watch this film sometimes, and although it’s in Black and White, I still believe it’s the best film by far that’s been made about the Titanic and it’s sinking. My favourite person in it though is a very young looking Mr David Mcallum in the wireless room I think they used to call it.Confused